In many cities, the inner city is a place for artists to create and run spaces, but this has not always been the case in Sydney. To address this, Chippendale’s Matteo Bernasconi has taken matters into his own hands at the Peach Black Gallery.

Originally from Italy, Matteo worked as an Architect for a number of years before travelling around the world. Arriving in Australia in 2013, he fell in love with the country and has never left.

Matteo saw a gap in the market, saying: “In Sydney I feel like there aren’t many gallery spaces in the centre of the city, particularly that are run by artists. Normally they are commercial galleries and are inaccessible almost…”

“To me galleries should be about a conversation about art. When you go to the gallery you should live it. That’s why I display different types of art, not just visual art. Dancing, music, anything.”

As well as operating as a gallery, Peach Black also serves as a creative space for different mediums and activities. A number of gigs are held in the space, as well as life drawing classes held twice a week. Peach Black is also offered as a space to hold student exhibitions and showcase new and local artists.

Matteo says: “I wanted to create a community, particularly one where people aren’t just coming here as a client, but also to use the space.”

The gallery also coincides with Oli&J, a unique and innovative jewellery company. The pieces are made on sight in a separate studio.

Matteo is also a visual artist himself and displays a number of his works in the gallery. The gallery is currently showing Trio, an amalgamation of three different series. The exhibition is on now at Peach Black (97 Regent St, Chippendale NSW 2008).

Life Drawing classes run Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. For more info head to: