Aerobics has seen a comeback in recent years. Programs like Zumba have rekindled peoples’ love of dance and reminded them of the health benefits from the simple act of movement.

New dance fitness program Afro Step™️, combines the fun and energy of aerobics and African dance moves, with a course encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zone while also learning about African culture.

Originally from South Africa before moving to Australia during high school, owner Sheron Sultan launched Afro Step™️ last year, right before the COVID-19 outbreak. For Sheron, Afro Step™️ is a way of teaching people about African music, culture and helping them to stay fit in an engaging way.

As well as hosting classes for adults in local parks, Afro Step™️ also teaches in high schools, either for whole term programs or for one off classes.

Sheron says: “Growing up and moving to Australia at the age of 14, I lost my identity at school. I get to relive those moments and pass on what I went through to help them.”

The Afro Step™️ school program hopes to change children’s perceptions about Africa, and not only teach student dancing, but also teach them about African culture and respecting other cultures.

Sheron says that Afro Step™️ is all about stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing the environment.

“It’s intimidating, being in a park and stepping and dancing while other people are watching you. Psychologically, you don’t realise that you’re as strong as you thought, or as confident as you thought,” she says.

“These are the things to expect when you come from Afro Step™️. To break out from insecurities whilst having fun, being human and of course burning calories.”

In the future, Sheron hopes that Afro Step™️ will be able to spread its message throughout several schools, gyms. As well as this, she hopes to launch the program online to International clients soon, to meet demands.

Afro Step™️ is also a part of the event company Article 1 Events, which hosts an event on the last Sunday of every month, called Braai Time, where people are brought together to experience South African culture and food.

Afro Step™️ runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, across a variety of different locations. You can find out more and book your session here: