When Chris Vagg returned from an interstate work trip, he found that Olga, his partner had bagged up his clothes with the intention of starting his wardrobe completely anew.

Wanting to take the clothes directly to Sydney’s homeless, and finding no way to do so, they became inspired to start that initiative themselves. Chris says: “It’s quite clunky and difficult for people in need who don’t actually have access to services to get clothing.”

So, Pass It On was born. Pass It On is a second-hand charity shop that distributes clothes to those who need them, as well as selling less appropriate clothes, such as formal wear in the shop for reasonable prices.

Chris says: “We had this excess of clothes that we didn’t have an opportunity to do anything with, they were just sitting in storage and now we are able to sell them. Everything is $10-$50. We keep the price point at that, irrespective of what it is simply so we’re inclusive.”

The business was previously located at the Surry Hills Shopping Village before construction began on the TOGA project. Pass It On is now located on Oxford Street, where they have partnered with TOGA, using one of the companies’ spaces.

Pass It On also allows you to purchase items for those in need. You can also write a message of hope to its recipient.

The store also serves as a safe space for those who need it. Individuals are encouraged to come in to use the amenities and have a chat.

The shop also hosts several corporate programs in their store, to meet new people and educate them on the issue and the role of Pass It On. Their ‘Dinner with a Difference’ event includes a Spanish dinner, with wine, beer, and food, before all participants go to deliver the service to those in need.

Chris credits the love and support of the Darlinghurst and Surry Hills community for the business’s success so far, which would not exist if it wasn’t for the care of locals.

Pass It On is located at 122 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. They will reopen after Sydney’s lockdown ends.