For the Sunshine Inn, nothing is more important than your comfort.

The venue serves as a bar and restaurant space, offering two types of atmospheres, relaxed pub vibes and a more formal cocktail style restaurant at the back of house.

Co-owner Daniel McBride says “It’s a bit of a choose Your own adventure. We like to keep it pretty casual.”

The venue also operates on the values of social responsibility, serving local Australian products, we well as having an entirely vegetarian and vegan menu.

For Daniel and his business partner Dynn, they wanted to include their own ethics in the venue. “It’s important to be accountable if you can. I’m vegetarian and so is my business partner as well, so that was an ethical sustainability choice we both made” says Daniel.

The Sunshine Inn also partners with a number of local businesses, such as Café Bedda, as well as working with community organisations such as the Women’s Emergency Centre, who they will host charity dinners for.

Additionally, The Sunshine Inn seeks to have minimal food waste, by closely monitoring their stocks and excess, as well as proving their staff with dinners and food.

Whilst The Sunshine Inn has closed during the recent Sydney COVID-19 lockdown, their sister restaurant the Golden Gully will be selling take away cocktails throughout the outbreak.

When things become more normal, Dan, Dynn and their team will be working on a number of launch parties that are on the horizon for the venue, as well as offering a new menu, comedy nights and a Sumatra street food evening.

You can find The Sunshine Inn at 180 Redfern Street, Redfern, 2016. Ph. 0468 322 172.