One day, whilst sitting in a KPI meeting Elliot Lindsay decided then and there than he never wanted to sit through one again and resigned from his job in corporate sales.

From there, he pursued his dream of becoming a historian, finding several stories on the eccentricities of Surry Hills and Darlinghurst, which he began sharing to the community Facebook group Darlo Darlings.

Elliot says: “I realised that many articles detailed the exact address of where the murder or crime occurred. So, I plotted them on a map and realised it would great walking tour. That’s when I decided to create Murders Most Foul.”


‘Murders Most Foul’ is an interactive walking tour discovering Sydney’s most horrifying murder and crime scenes. Elliot shows participants mysterious laneways and uncovers the underbelly of Sydney’s history. The tour also explains crime and punishment in Sydney, how the Sydney legal system worked and factors that contributed to crime waves in the past.

The son of a criminal defence lawyer, as a child Elliot spent a lot of time in police stations, courts, and prisons across Sydney. “My mother’s clients were typically from communities that society pushed out to the fringe, such as transgender people, sex workers and the indigenous community. I learned a lot from them. So, therefore my tour is as much a social story as it is a true-crime story” says Elliot.

“A Murders Most Foul Experience is the opportunity to unplug and disconnect from technology and explore a historical community, on foot, without the modern distractions of headphones, phone calls, or Google Maps.”

“To engage with your surroundings, hear the sounds of the street, see the beautiful architecture and imagine what it would have been like to have lived in Surry Hills over one hundred years ago” says Elliot.

Murders Most Foul also offers an interactive experience where case files are distributed and discussed as a group, allowing participants to share if they feel the accused were guilty, and share their perspectives.

Murders Most Foul takes place across Surry Hills. Tickets can be booked here.