Alexandria pop-up store The Corner Shop and Argy’s Tailoring in Redfern are riding the strong momentum for sustainable fashion. Queenie Colquhoun called in to say hello. 


Arguments at COP26, turbulent weather and daily news reports on climate change can get to be a bit much. It’s always important to find the silver linings that inspire hope, and our area has plenty of that.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Gavin from The Corner Shop, a new pop-up store in Alexandria that has stemmed from their past Crown St Project market stalls, and Joanne Fiorio from Argy’s Tailoring in Redfern about the importance of sustainable fashion.

Gavin and his business partner began their market stalls together six years ago. With a background in art and fashion, the two have been collecting and sharing beautiful second-hand garments which are not only functional, but sustainable too.

“We look at it from a perspective of everything needing to be reused. We must find a way to make things sustainable, to reuse, to reduce waste, to reduce plastic and textile waste. Starting this business changed my perception on fashion” says Gavin.

Gavin also notes that buying vintage and second-hand clothing often means that the clothes are better made and will last longer. Clothes nowadays, particularly cheaper clothes aren’t made as well and are more prone to losing their quality and even developing faults like holes, more quickly, whereas second-hand items are more durable.

Argy’s Tailoring is a third-generation family business located in Redfern that emphasises the importance of repairing and maintaining clothes to last longer.

For Joanne Fiorio and Argy’s, there’s a need to show customers that buying well-made and quality garments, while more expensive, means more wear in the long run. Joanne says: “Re-educating people that if you buy quality, stuff that you fit in and stuff that you love, you’re going to feel good and keep those clothes and they’ll last longer.”

Argy’s Tailoring hosts vintage pop ups to encourage slow fashion and collaborated with other businesses interested in sustainability by hosting brainstorming initiatives on the issue.

Argy’s Tailoring has also introduced ‘Mending Money’ in their shop, a gift voucher to give to one another to spend on tailoring services, rather than buying new.

The Corner Shop also have plans to collaborate with sustainable stylists and run workshops in house on the importance of sustainable fashion.

Argy’s Tailoring is located at 658 Bourke Street, Surry Hills 2010 and can be reached in store or at (02) 9232 1905.

 The Corner Shop is located at 202 Henderson Road, Alexandria 2015.