For many who are keen to eat healthy, it’s a struggle to find healthy meals that also taste good. Chicken, rice, and broccoli can only go so far…

That’s where The Hunger Gains comes in. The Hunger Gains is a healthy and fresh meal prep company that focuses on flavour. For co-founder Laura Samme, focusing on the macronutrients of the food is important, but isn’t worth sacrificing the flavour.

The business started size months ago, and has grown exponentially, having tripled their order size in the short time the company has been running.

With a background in healthy fast food and food services, Laura opened and ran ‘Kettlebell Kitchen’ in Manchester in the UK, which offered nation-wide food prep. Since then, she has decided to bring the project to Sydney, opening the Hunger Gains with her co-founder Chloe O’Toole.

Laura says: “It’s about educating our customers and showing them that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or bland, we do like the challenge of transforming foods that are considered unhealthy and creating alternatives that are actually better for you without compromising on the flavour.”

For Laura and her team at The Hunger Gains, staying a small business is a top priority, to ensure that the best customer service is given. “We’re a small business and we do everything ourselves. If someone messages us with a question or a concern, it’s us at the other end of the email thread, or the Instagram message, or the phone and they get that personal touch that they don’t get with larger companies” says Laura.

Since the recent lockdown, Laura has found that customers are using her services to give themselves more free time, as well as eat properly. “People are wanting to make the most out of their time off. Cooking and going shopping, people don’t want to really keep going out all the time because it’s not safe. They can put their trust in us and we can deliver their meals safely and that’s their week sorted” says Laura.

Throughout lockdown The Hunger Gains are also running a promotion, offering $10 off for all new and existing customers using the code LOCKDOWNGAINS.

You can find out more about The Hunger Gains and order here.