by Lachlan Colquhoun

Surry Hills residents are rallying behind their long serving General Practitioner, Dr Peter Brown, whose surgery has been closed down by NSW authorities after 39 years of service.

Dr Brown is believed to be receiving legal advice on his position after the Medical Council of NSW closed his surgery because it was a “solo non computerized practice.”

Dr Brown operates the surgery alone, without a receptionist, and does not computerize patient records.

He is, however, highly popular in the area and services many disadvantaged people who would otherwise not see a doctor.

Since the surgery was closed at the end of the week of June 19, social media has hummed with the news and patients have put up their own signs and notices on the door of the surgery at 598 Crown Street, next to Dr Brown’s original notice telling of his closure.

“Free Dr. Peter Brown. The community needs Dr. Brown,” says one message.

“This is terrible and undeserving news,” said another.

“Dr Brown is the most kind and compassionate person, I am shocked at this injustice.”

Another note urges people to write to the Medical Council of NSW to complain and demand Dr Brown’s reinstatement.

The Council’s address is PO Box 104, Gladesville, NSW, 1675.