Surry Hills locals will have undoubtedly noticed the large-scale photorealist mural of Swans legend Adam Goodes appear on the corner of Crown and Foveaux Streets on Thursday, 11th June.

The mural had been in the works for nearly a year, Apparition Media co-founder Tyson Hunter told Urban Village. However due to Covid-19 setbacks and artist availability, it so happened that the mural was instead completed during one of the most politically charged moments in recent history.

“We were supposed to paint the mural in February, but then Covid happened and we went into lockdown,” said Hunter.

“It just so happened that the mural painting lined up with round two of the footy and all the conversations happening globally.”

Hunter and his business partner are long-time Swans fans, so it made sense that Surry Hills, the heartland of the Swans, would be the perfect place for their immense tribute to the remarkable player.

The mural is a depiction of the original image taken by photographer Ryan Pierse.

A team of five Sydney-based painters are behind the work: Hamish McBride, Laura Paige, Megan Hales, Jacqueline Butterworth and Kailin Hegel. In just eight hours the team finished the mural, as rain was forecast the following day.

“A lot of the artists have taken twenty years to sharpen their craft. To be able to paint something of that detail in eight hours is pretty phenomenal, so it’s great that they’re getting the recognition they deserve,” said Hunter.

“The reception was overwhelming to be honest. It’s beautiful to read all the comments online and see how supportive people are of Adam as a player and a person.”

“Surry Hills is a pretty progressive suburb, and a very proud suburb as well. We’re happy the mural can drive new conversations and we hope the reception stays positive.”

“We haven’t heard from Adam yet, but we assume he’s happy with it. We hope he is.”