Having your canine friend join you for a meal or a drink has become a thing for a lot of dog owners. However, most catering businesses happen to be café’s, meaning our pooches are left alone in the evening.

New Potts Point business Brooklyn Crispy – a pizza shop dedicated to making the perfect Brooklyn style pizza – understands this dilemma, and also caters to dogs.

Owner Andrew Hamilton says: “I have two giant breed dogs of my own and my partner Jamie is always buying pupperchinos for them. When I was opening a pizza place I thought, ‘God, what can we do for dogs?’”

“Pizza seemed like a natural progression so we started doing research into what kinds of things dogs can and can’t have.”

Brooklyn Crispy replaces tomato bases (as the sodium count is too high) with sweet potato mash. Carrot, chicken, kangaroo bacon, beef mince are all key ingredients in their dog pizzas.

There is also a bone broth available, which has been dubbed Puppy Vino.

Since Brooklyn Crispy launched the dog friendly atmosphere has had great success. Andrew says: “We’re finding that so many people want to come for the experience of their first time sharing human pizza with a dog that can have dog tailored dog pizza for the first time.”

“We’re also finding that a lot of people are using us as a special occasion venue for dogs, so for dog birthdays and things like that.”

However, Brooklyn Crispy is definitely not to be overlooked for humans.

“The ethos really is that pizza is supposed to be fun… For us it’s about creating good food with good vibes and not taking ourselves, or our pizza too seriously.” Says Andrew.

“It’s just about dishing out good product and making sure everyone has a good time.”

Despite sticking to the traditional Brooklyn pizza crust, Brooklyn Crispy prides themselves on having an inventive take on pizzas. Meals include a Caffeinated Cow dish, consisting of coffee and cola smoked beef brisket, with potato salad on top, giving a dynamic of hot and cold.

The classic pineapple and ham pizza has also been given a twist, with shaved salted pineapple, smoked ham and honey mustard.

Right now, Andrew Hamilton says that Brooklyn Crispy are committed to “…Making sure that all our processes are smooth, particularly when we’re busy, just so that when people hear about us we can grow and scale.”