White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale presents its exhibition THEN, in celebration of a decade of contemporary Chinese art. All works have been drawn from Judith Neilson’s renowned collection, and the exhibition has been curated by David Williams.

The gallery’s tenth anniversary exhibition presents works that were all produced during the first ten years of Judith Neilson’s private collection, between 2000 and 2010. More than 60 artists are showcased, including works from the inaugural White Rabbit exhibition in 2009.

Neilson’s private collection is extensive, with more than 2500 pieces embodying commentary about China’s social, cultural and political life historically and in the contemporary moment.

One retrospective work showcased in THEN is Objects of Desire by Wang Zhuyan, a large pair of fluorescent pink fiberglass underwear playing love songs from 1930s Shanghai.

Objects of Desire by Wang Zhuyan

Other highlights include a fire-engine red, pig-like creature with an 11-metre protruding tongue; a dusty minivan that ‘breathes’; an installation of 1500 knitted strawberries; embroidered portraits of grinning world leaders and American and Chinese flags made of corporate logos – these provocative works all celebrate and satirise a society in flux.

Additionally, the gallery’s theatre features visual work from pioneering Chinese video artists, including Zhang Peili, Zhou Xiaohu, Zhu Jia and Yang Zhenzhong.

THEN exhibition is open now and will run until 26th January 2020.
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