Booze and tattoos on a chilly Sydney Monday night? Call us crazy, but that we did. And it was all in the name of celebrating the launch of a new RTD – but not just any old RTD. This was for a new liquor in the form of a Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum tinnie, soon launching in Australia with two deliciously smooth, distinct flavours, “Rum and Dry” and “Rum and Coke”.

Sailor Jerry has quickly become a beloved beverage for many Sydney-siders, so it seemed fitting to saunter down into the basement of the Ramblin Rascal Tavern in the CBD to celebrate its exciting launch.

On arrival, we were greeted by the iconic Sailor Jerry hula girls (a design that features on the new can), a boisterous Rockabilly band, and tattooed, dungaree clad bartenders, shaking and stirring boozy cocktails with the Sailor Jerry spiced rum in branded tin cans for good measure.

Photo by James Ervine.

After gobbling down a Mary’s burger, and washing it down with a Rum and Dry we quickly caught up with the brand’s global ambassador, Gravy, as he jumped off the Ramblin Rascal bar-top. Gravy is lucky enough to travel the world with the brand, throw outrageous parties, and wax lyrical about his colourful pastimes hanging out with the likes of Lenny Kravitz and No doubt. A tough gig it seems…

“Sydney is certainly my favourite place by far that I have travelled to with Sailor Jerry. I’m luckily here for a week! I was getting on the gravy train just last night actually at Shady Pines Saloon, and Big Poppas! Man, those places were super fun”.

After asking how he drank his rum, and just how he came to be named Gravy, it seemed that he really lives the kind of rock star lifestyle that most could only dream of.

“I like to have my Sailor Jerry neat, to bring out the Caribbean spice, it’s a really nice, smooth flavour, or a ginger daiquiri – that’s also my mum’s favourite”.

“My name? Well, one night back in the day when I was working for Virgin Records I was eating a turkey sandwich, and the gravy kept falling into my goatee. Nobody at the label told me of course. I was in charge of sorting out the groupies with band tickets – so I walked over to give some girls their passes. I asked this girl if she wanted them, and she just looked at me, ran her finger down my gravy filled face, licked it and then said, nah, it’s all gravy baby. From that day forward, I was known for making sure everyone had a good time, getting them on that gravy train!”

Photo by James Ervine.

Gravy then stuck his arm out to show us his tattoo selection, featuring none other than the Sailor Jerry Eagle Tattoo. Instead of the banner saying ‘U.S Navy’ it said, ‘U.S Gravy’ – the passion really runs deep!

Meanwhile, the Surry Hills based Little Tokyo team were busy buzzing their ink into a selection of fearless guests, including one of our own, Matt, who sat patiently sipping on his Rum and Coke to take the edge off as an iconic Norman Collins love heart design began to take shape on his arm. Like Gravy, in his Norman Collins design banner, Matt too decided to have his passion tattooed in. “Fish”. A big love for fishing, so I’m told!

Photo by James Ervine.

For more info on the new Sailor Jerry’s RTD, head to their website, or follow them on Instagram.