The Brisbane-born comic has written for shows like Josh Thomas’s Please Like Me, performed and written a pilot for ABC, opened for Conan O’Brien and last year was banned from Twitter for drunkenly tweeting she’d chop the PM’s head off. Talking to Becky reveals a genuine, insightful and infectiously silly voice you instantly want to have a beer with.  

Which do you prefer – writing or performing? 

I definitely see myself more as a writer and someone who’s just funny socially. I don’t think I’m a naturally great performer. 

There’s a part of me that’s thinks if I let go too much on stage I’ll get made fun of.  Performing is such a knife’s edge, you have to read the room right. When I write, I can edit and I’m in complete control. Having said that, when I perform I can get the job done. 

What’s the toughest gig you’ve had? 

I’m on the Gold Coast at the moment doing a run of really rough pub gigs. Two nights ago there was a group of teenage girls in the audience. They were talking really loudly during my set and I was like, “guys, can you keep it down?” And one of the girls yelledIf you wanna be a stand up comedian why don’t you try being fuckin’ funny!” It was so brutal. I couldn’t really roast them either because they were kids. I just had to cop it.  

How do you broach touchy subjects in your comedy? 

I never want to say something just to get a clap. If I talk about sexism or feminism I want it to be something that’s funny or a bit taboo. I guess in comedy there are a lot of people who are quite earnest, whereas I feel like while that’s important sometimes, a comedian’s job is to find everything a bit stupid.  

My opinions might not align with the most hard-core feminists, but in general I’m one of the good guys. Yet I still get attacked – it’s like, I’m still on your side. These days if you have an opinion that’s slightly to the left or right of someone you get completely polarized. I want to engage in politics but its too hard. People are so ready to hate on you.  

What’s life been like since your Twitter ban? 

Just my general sense of happiness has increased, I have more time for family and friends, you know. They haven’t given me my account back and I don’t think they will – they’re making an example of me, I guess.  

I just love that I got banned for tweeting something I wrote drunk at the pub – like as if I’m going to actually do it? Anything I’ve ever said I’m going to do I barely do anyway. Like I don’t even have my license, I’m certainly not going to chop the PM’s head off.  

Becky Lucas will perform her new show Um, Support Me?!’ at the Sydney Comedy Festival, Wednesday May 16th – Sunday May 20th at the Factory Theatre.