MG Motor Australia has just unveiled the brand new MG ZS compact SUV. I was lucky enough to get a loan of one for a week.

I am not going to pretend that I know anything about cars. I don’t have my own, so for me this week was a luxurious look into the life of a car owner: convenient, comfortable and (if you’re lucky) complete with a panoramic sunroof.

MG stands for Morris Garages, and has been producing cars for nearly one hundred years.

In the 1930s the MG dominated the racing tracks and released the MG TC just before WWII broke out. From 1939-1945 MG halted car production to assist the war effort, repairing Matilda tanks and assembling British bomber cockpits.

Later in the 1950s, the MGA became the next generation sports car and in 1957 renowned Sir Stirling Moss broke the land speed record in an MG EX 181, nicknamed ‘Roaring Raindrop.’

In 2016, MG marked its global reach with operations in Australia, Chile, China, South Africa, UAE and the UK, with dealerships in a further 32 countries.

And here I sit in the latest MG ZS, part of the new MG era in Australia.

The ZS is a compact SUV on the outside, but as I sit inside it feels comfortable and spacious. I received resounding agreement from my companion in the backseat, who said she could stretch her legs out with ease.

The Apple Car Play is simple to set up, and I am able to link my iPhone music and use the infotainment screen to navigate through my tunes. Car Play also lets me use the Maps application, which helps me drive through the somewhat unfamiliar territory of the eastern suburbs.

But my favourite feature is the sunroof, aka the stargazer. It covers 90% of the entire roof – perhaps I’m overexcited, but the sunroof brought an indisputable amount of joy and atmosphere to our drive.

The rear view camera and sensor makes parking (even in Bondi and Surry Hills) manageable, and gives me the confidence to pull off parks that I would usually veto in favour of a nice, safe curb side stop.

For those that are after a compact SUV with accessible features, roomy interior from a brand with nearly a century old history, take the MG ZS for a spin. Like I said, I’m no expert, but it was a thrill to be part of the MG legacy, if only for a couple of days.

The MG ZS is available now, starting from $22,990 drive away. Visit the website for more info and to book a test drive.