Pulse turns users into paying customers, by looking beyond likes into the real business.

Nico Pustilnick got into advertising to sustain his love of music. Now he owns Pulse Agency, a Sydney bespoke digital marketing agency with a focus on increasing business visibility organically.

“I like playing with creativity and strategy. I’m a musician so advertising was initially a way of paying my bills to support my love of guitars.”

Nico studied advertising back home in Argentina and has now been working in digital marketing for thirteen years. Working in big agencies when he first arrived in Sydney, Nico quickly realised he wanted to work for himself.

“Going out on my own was very hard. I was a new father, I had a mortgage. I had to work during the day and at night to jump from one boat to the other. It took me a while.”

Nico offers hands on, custom-made services to Pulse’s broad scope of clientele, most of whom are based locally. Nico prides himself on his personalised, holistic approach to digital marketing.

Pulse specialises in web design, SEO and PPC services, social media and content marketing.

“There’s no automation with us, it’s completely bespoke. I think that’s the main difference between me and a big agency.”

Nico has brought his love of music and guitars with him from Buenos Aires and jams locally, out of office hours.

The challenges the digital marketing industry faces are the rapid and relentless changes and industry advancements, and companies outsourcing beyond Australia. For Nico it is a case of constantly studying and staying focussed on industry trends, and fundamentally, keeping it local.

“I think the insights you get from being local are really important. From a strategy point of view, it’s good to work with someone that knows the area you’re working in. An overseas agency couldn’t have that kind of knowledge.”

“I focus on what works and how it works for you. If you’re a big website or if you’re a small business, the principle is the same. It’s looking for what you need, what your goals are and how I can help you get there.”