As a food photographer, cook and the content creator, I couldn’t live or be more inspired than in Surry hills. Everyday is an adventure, exploring the exciting food & beverage scene, being pampered by the many wonderful small businesses that cater to my every whim and desires. If that is not enough, filling my day by discovering and enjoying the many quirky nooks, parks, arts and culture that make up this vibrant microcosm this Surry-Hillian calls home.

As lockdowns fade into a distant memory, Surry Hills is back in business and our businesses need your support. Come and enjoy our many restaurants, cafes and bars. Don’t forget to treat yourself with your Dine and Discover vouchers at most of our venues. Walking down the streets you will also see that many of the venues have collaborated with the City Of Sydney to create the additional external streetside seating areas, creating a safer environment and giving you a truly Urban Village experience.

Living here also means cooking a lot at home. When cooking, I tend to generate more food scraps than I want to. One kitchen hack that I have been obsessed with is with vegetable scraps. If not using it to make stocks, you can simply put the scraps in a large pot and fill with water. After a few hours, use the strained water on your plants, watch them grow!

After so many months of solitude, having friends over has been something I have really enjoyed. I get a kick out of cooking for my friends and I try to capture clean flavours with a textural element to many of my recipes. I have an easy recipe of Kingfish Crudo with potato hay and chili threads to share with you. Delightfully fresh and super easy to make for your next get-together.

Kingfish Crudo

With potato hay and chilli threads


200g Kingfish sashimi

½ tsp Lemon zest

1 tsp Chives

Pinch of Chili threads

Pinch of Sea salt

1 tsp Dashi

1 tbsp Lemon infused virgin olive oil

1 tsp Chardonnay vinegar

1 Potato

1 cup canola oil for frying


For the potato hay, heat oil in a small pot to 180°c. Peel and run the potato through a fine spiralizer or Japanese mandoline with the fine julienne blade. Dab potatoes dry with paper towels and fry in oil until golden brown. 

For the kingfish crudo, slice the kingfish loin into 3-5 mm thickness. Place in a medium sized bowl. Add finely chopped chives, lemon zest and seasalt. Finally add the dashi, chardonnay vinegar and lemon infused virgin olive oil and gently toss through the kingfish. Note, lemon infused virgin olive oil can be replaced with virgin olive oil and lemon juice. The chardonnay vinegar can be replaced by white wine vinegar

To plate, place the kingfish in a small overlapping flower pattern on a plate. Top with potato hay sprinkled with chili threads and sea salt and serve immediately.


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Jimmy Wong appeared on Masterchef Australia Season 8 as one of the top 24 contestants. He has achieved success in his lifetime career as a Senior Retail Interior Designer, Development Manager, Head of Social Sustainability and Head of Talent Acquisition. Since appearing on Masterchef Australia, season 8, he has carved out a niche as a Food Photographer, Brand Ambassador and Private Cook collaborating on everything from food demonstrations, food pop-ups and TV show appearances. His cooking style has been influenced by his travels, love of eating and his working experience in kitchens such as Bondi Icebergs, Quay, Marque, Salaryman, Koi and Flour & Stone. His cooking style can be described with a flare for Asian flavours and beautiful plating. With his proud asian heritage, he is always looking for ways to excite his audience with the exciting flavours of Asia. His photography is described as elegant with a penchant for documenting real food moments and with a human element. He currently works with well known brands as a product ambassador, writes recipes and is an active foodie and influencer on social media. He is looking to form collaborations with partners that will allow him to continue pursuing his passion of eating, cooking, travel and food photography both at home and further afield.