Darlinghurst Theatre Company has gained a new Artistic Director and is emerging from lockdown with a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Former Co-Artistic Director Amylia Harris has been promoted to the sole Artistic Director, whilst founding CEO Glenn Terry takes on a new role as Executive Director as he segue-ways into retirement.

New artistic director Amylia Harris grew up backstage. The daughter of a TV and theatre producer, Harris was always drawn to a life in the performing arts.

For her, the recent Sydney lockdown has provided Darlinghurst Theatre Company with the unique opportunity to analyse, revaluate and structure who they are.

“We’ve been using this pause to really evaluate our identity, really evaluate our values and ethics, processes and practices. What do we stand for? And why do we do what we do?” says Harris.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company is now committed to 50% of their content showcasing and representing people of colour creatives, stories, and cultures.

The theatre is also devoted to showing impact driven work, rather than form driven work. Harris says these are stories or messages have more meaning, rather than consistently following ‘classic’ theatre forms, such as plays or musicals.

Part of this is to give voice and representation. Harris says: “The classic cannon is very male and very white. If we’re going to have equality on our stages, we must do new work. Plus, there’s way more interesting voices who deserve that space. I think that it is our responsibility to share our stage with those voices.”

Harris and her team are also emerging out of lockdown with a new commitment to accessibility. “I really want the space to feel a space. I want it to feel like a theatre for everyone. I keep hearing time and time again that people don’t think that theatre is for them and that it is elite – and that is true largely. Historically that is accurate.”

“I’m trying to break down those barriers so that all Sydney humans know that they can come and partake in this cultural space and know that this space is for them and that it is safe for them to enter and enjoy and they will recognise themselves when they get in there” says Harris.

You can find more events at: https://www.darlinghursttheatre.com/