Anyone who has travelled to Mexico would know, the Mexican food you find in Australia will just never compare.

Tacos Muchachos, a new pop up in Surry Hills is committed to making the most authentic Mexican street food you can find in Sydney.

The business is owned by Mexican food enthusiasts Daniel Hanssen, Diego Garcia Luna and Tonatiuh Arocha. Daniel says: “Diego and Tonatiuh are Mexican, and I’ve spent a lot of time in America, just North of the border and that’s where I fell in love with Mexican food and truly discovered it. When I came back to Australia, I realised there was so much that didn’t exist here.”

“It wasn’t the same. It was not quite Mexican food, it was this TexMex thing. So that’s where the passion stems from.”

Operating at Thursday-Sunday nights from 6pm out of Surry Hills café Paddock, the restaurant is based around the desire to provide good quality, fresh and authentic food and passion for service. Rather than appearing as a typical Mexican restaurant, with decor and music that reminds you of a mariachi band, Tacos Muchachos prides themselves on their energetic and casual vibe.

Diego says: “We love to have a chat at the front counter and talk people through the menu. You tell people about the food that they’re eating and they’re going to enjoy that a lot more.”

The team at Tacos Muchachos want to bring together the most Australian friendly Mexican food experience by giving customers an all-round experience of the types of food Mexico has to offer.

“We want to show all the different stuff that Mexico has to offer. Trialling a few items for a limited time, seeing what people like, seeing how they respond and going from there. Lots of things in the pipeline” says Daniel.

So far, the venue has had great success. Daniel says: “We’ve been selling out each night back-to-back. We’re taking it as a blessing in disguise because if you can survive a lockdown you’re going to thrive when things open back up.”

The cafe will continue operating from 6pm on Thursday-Sunday in July but may change in August depending on popularity. You can also text in your orders.

Tacos Muchachos is located at 509 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 and is open Thursday-Sunday. Ph. 0411 496 055.