New Redfern café Café Bedda is a prime example of a family-owned business that embraces its community.

The café started almost a year ago and has quickly become a favourite for locals, largely due to their focus on great coffee and home-made style food, as well as their loving staff and great relationships with customers.

Just about everything on the menu is homemade. Meats and cheeses are sliced on site, and the owner Antonia Mrljak cooks many of the meals at the café herself.

Café Bedda have thrown themselves into the community of Redfern. The business has been a strong supporter of the Redfern Women and Children’s Emergency Centre, as well as being close with many neighbouring small businesses, buying from each other and supporting each other’s events.

“It’s nice to partner with local businesses and support each other. Especially now” says manager Bella Mrljak.

The café has created its own hub of loyal locals. Bella says: “Most of all what I’ve enjoyed is that it’s formed a little community. There are a lot of locals who regularly come, and we’ve built up a relationship with them. I enjoy the fact that it’s become a spot for people to hang out and that we’ve created a comfortable space for people to come, have a coffee and chat.”

Whilst the café has been hit hard by the recent COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown in Sydney, the team have made the most of it. Bella and her team currently serve as a take-away venue, serving a number of lunchbox packs and picnic food sets.

Bella credits the hard work and dedication that makes the café what is to the Café Bedda staff. “The team are the most amazing staff. Everyone is so lovely; I love them and they’re so fantastic” says Bella.

Café Bedda is about to celebrate their first birthday with a cake baking competition between staff members. You can find more details as the event progresses from their Instagram @cafe_bedda

You can find Café Bedda at 80 George St, Redfern 2016.