In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are refocusing on quality time and looking to relax with interesting new experiences. And this has created an opportunity for Pinot & Picasso.

Having previously worked in the corporate events industry, Dejana Jokanovic was greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

She and her partner Vladimir saw an opportunity in the Pinot & Picasso brand – through its support network and being an entertainment led brand – and leapt at the chance to open one in Surry Hills.

Dejana says: “The main thing for us was leveraging these post COVID times, when we knew that connection, quality time and quality experiences were more important than ever.”

Pinot & Picasso is all about offering a fantastic night out, offering painting classes with wine and champagne for an evening full of creativity and fun.

Pinot & Picasso Surry Hills have over 100 artworks in their catalogue, giving a wide scope of variety and difficulty level to choose from.

“We want to ensure that customers are having a really fun and joyful experience, which is what definitely happens in our studio. I think the main thing is incorporating art into having a really memorable experience” says Dejana.

Dejana and Vladimir say that opening in Surry Hills was a no brainer. Having spent a large portion of their lives in the area, they’ve built up a wonderful understanding and relationship with the area.

Dejana says: “I also feel that it’s the creative centre of the city. It’s in an awesome location, next to some of the best restaurants in the area. There was just nowhere else we were going to be.”

Many customers have commented on the great sense of mindfulness that these classes offer.

Dejana notes: “A lot of the feedback we have from our customers is that they find the sessions really relaxing and they find it really mindful.”

Based on this, Pinot & Picasso Surry Hills hopes to soon schedule in mindfulness sessions during the week, building on its popularity since opening.

“Our public sessions have all been sold out every weekend and we’ve seen a huge influx in corporate and business wanting to hold team building sessions” says Dejana.

The business has also become first to host public sessions at the Harbour Bridge Pylon, which has recently reopened.

Pinot & Picasso is located at 35 Foster Street Surry Hills 2010, and you can book your visit here.