Salon Stories is the newest hairdresser to take up residence along Crown Street. Owners Talia and Sabrina, having worked around the area for years, decided that going out on their own was the only way to ensure their philosophy towards hair and sustainability could be realised.

Talia came to Australia in 2015 from the UK to travel and ended up staying and working in the hair industry. Sabrina arrived in 2017 from Germany.

“I have curly hair and I always found it hard to get what I wanted. It was hard for me, even as a hairdresser, to find my place here. When we decided on our business model, we based it on people who find it hard to find hairdressers who do their type of hair,” said Talia.

“That’s why we called it Salon Stories. Everyone always has a good five-year story of their hair. It was trying to get them on a journey that I felt like I finally got on.

“Because we’re not from here, the weather, the water, different products, all these things make a difference to your hair. For curly hair, using natural based products makes a huge difference.

“Where we were working before, their ethos wasn’t based around that. It’s hard to find somewhere where what you all believe in is the same. Mine and Sabrina’s business model was really similar, so it was a no brainer.”

Hairdressing is a high-waste industry, with the necessary use of foils, plastic and dye colours. Salon Stories have made the commitment to use natural, vegan and cruelty free products, and dyes with no ammonia.

“At some point you just need to do your own thing. I found we couldn’t be ourselves when working for someone else because you have to work with their philosophy,” said Sabrina.

Being an eco-friendly salon is the top priority for the duo, with everything in the salon either made from recycled materials or sourced locally. Their product display shelf is made from old wine boxes, the desk (which they built themselves) is made from used railroad sleepers and the chair footrests are made from Australian wood.

“Everything we’ve done, our heart and soul is in this building,” said Talia.

Talia and Sabrina bring their years of experience, love of hair and ethos of sustainability and natural products to their Crown Street salon. Book in for a free consultation today.

Salon Stories

342a Crown Street

Cover image credit: Rob Harley