Dom and Sophie Geisser saw that Sydney’s flower growers were facing a big problem last year.

Their flowers were just coming into bloom, but their amazing products faced major issues in getting to market because the COVID-19 restrictions meant that weddings, a major source of demand, just weren’t going ahead.

Watching this was part of the motivation which led to the creation of the new business Eden & Bell Florist on Crown St.

Working as a wedding planner and stylist for a number of years, Sophie and her partner Dom decided to throw themselves entirely into the trade, opening up in Surry Hills to spread the beauty of flowers and homewares, as well as serving as a base for their other businesses.

During the worst of the lockdowns in Sydney, Eden & Bell switched to local flower deliveries.

Sophie says: “We started doing it mainly because – the bushfires and then the droughts and the floods last year – we have so many growers whose flowers all came into peak right when COVID was here.”

“To see them go through so much… trying to get a good product on the market for years and all of a sudden they had a flash of so many beautiful flowers because all the weddings stopped…”

“We wanted to support the growers.”

Sophie and Dom pride themselves on offering amazing service and support for all clients –corporate or brides. They believe that by channelling the same love and care into their flower deliveries has led to their warm reception in the Surry Hills community.

Eden & Bell revolves solely around the experience of the customer, hoping to create an appreciation of natural beauty and tranquillity. Geisser says: “We want people to be profoundly affected by love and beauty… we live in such a fast-paced world, and if we can just create a moment in time where someone stops and sees something beautiful and is grateful, and is refreshed, I think that’s really important to us.

For Sophie and Dom, Eden & Bell is about delivering an experience to clients. Finding an immediate connection with their Surry Hills community, Sophie and Dom hope that their store will be a place to come to for great chat and to appreciate natural beauty.

“We are really all about the experience. I really want to make it so that when you come into the shop or whether we organise a wedding or event, we just want it to be transformative,” says Sophie.

Eden & Bell
515 Crown Street Surry Hills