Doggos of Surry Hills started out as a much-loved Instagram page dedicated to the many dogs of Surry Hills. It has since grown into a grassroots charity that hopes to give help to local dogs in need.

Surry Hills resident Lisa Hampton started the Doggos of Surry Hills Instagram page a year ago as a way of creating communal appreciation for our furry residents.

It began eight months ago, when her connection to both canine and human residents in the area spurred her to run drives to raise money for dog desexing and pet food.

“Because Ward Park is close to my house, I can’t remember how I came up with the idea, but I knew a lot of people in the area who were struggling to feed their dogs,” Lisa tells Urban Village.

“I put my first post on Darlo Darlings actually, asking if anyone wanted to help donate some food. I had lots of people drop off food to my house and I had people from our Instagram page order from Pet Circle and had it delivered.”

Every Saturday Lisa can be seen at Ward Park handing out donations to those who need it. Lisa tells Urban Village that many of the people she helps are often unable to feed their dogs for days at a time due to financial constraints and are incredibly grateful for the initiative.

Local veterinary practice Southern Cross Vets has also joined the cause, providing close to $5,000 worth of veterinary treatments and services.

Donations occur through pet food drop offs or through a Go Fund Me page that Lisa has started. Since starting the initiative at the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown 8 months ago, she has raised over $1,000 but hopes to have ongoing support and donations to give local dogs the help they need.

A minimum of $10 donated allows participants to go in the running to win two weeks of free dog food.

In future, Lisa hopes that Doggos of Surry Hills can expand into a not-for-profit dedicated to helping the dogs of the homeless.

Doggos of Surry Hills can be contacted via their Instagram @doggosofsurryhills. Donations can be made through their Go Fund Me, Doggos of Surry Hills.