I love Sydney. I’ve lived here all my life and I’m passionate about contributing to making our city the world’s best place to live, work and visit.

Over recent years, many of the inner-city precincts that make us unique have suffered from economic downturn, the knock-on effects of lockout laws and latterly the pandemic. Some areas, like Oxford Street and Kings Cross, have been the victims of Council neglect.

But Sydney and its people have shown their resilience during COVID, tackling the hardship with optimism, energy and a willingness to work together.

Now more than ever Council needs to focus on delivering the services and support to help our communities and businesses bounce back.

To get our great city humming again Sydney needs a leader who listens, responds and delivers. We need more than a self-serving spin machine that hears only its own dogma: that trumpets everything that’s popular and takes no responsibility for anything that isn’t.

Sydney needs a Lord Mayor who not only values the unique character of our Villages but provides each community with the opportunity to shape and implement projects that will make a difference on the ground.

A Lord Mayor for whom sustainability means the triple bottom line and whose policies for protecting our environment are focused on real city-wide action, not just on paying lip service to the international environmental elite.

We need a Lord Mayor who can move with the times, embrace new technology and ideas and who welcomes change and renewal. It’s time for change in Sydney.