Bourke Street Public School students Alisa, Felix and Byron wrote about what their suburb means to them, and why they and so many others love living in Surry Hills.

Alisa, Year 6

The reason I love Surry Hills so much is because of the diverse community and how amazing and beautiful it is. Surry Hills Is a wonderful place to grow up, learn and meet different people. There are wonderful schools in Surry Hills. There is wonderful food and a diverse pack of food to choose from, I guarantee that there is a cuisine for you.

My family have lived here since before my older brothers were born. My parents met here, I grew up here, and I want you to experience the magic and charisma that Surry hills has to offer.

Felix, Year 6

Distant laughs and happy kids is all I hear when I’m in Surry Hills. Happy customers receiving from great trustworthy businesses and happy families is what I see. There are parks for your dogs, delicious bakeries and cafes for a nice snack, and best of all the incredible community. If you are looking for a great place to have a picnic, hang out with friends or just to take a walk, I would highly recommend to venture through the neighbourhood and community known as Surry Hills.

Byron, Year 5

What I like about Surry Hills is it’s a beautiful community, it has lots of people and shops and everything is so close to each other. Surry Hills means alot to me because it’s my home, my school and my community. I also like Surry Hills because it has a lot of bike lanes so I can ride my bike everywhere.

The oldest school in NSW is Crown Street Public School. But Bourke Street Public School is the second oldest school. Did you know that t​errace​ houses and workers’ cottages were built in Surry Hills from the 1850s. ​The first land grants in Surry Hills were made in the 1790s.