The past year has been a turbulent time for everyone, particularly theatre companies. With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions many artists are taking the opportunity to step into the limelight again, with a new sense of vigour.

The UTS Comedy, Revue and Performance Society (aka The CRAP Society) is no exception. Witnessing the highs and lows of the past year, the university society has been eager to do what comes naturally to them – write and perform comedy about what a crap year it’s been.

True to a classic Revue this year’s UTS 2021 Main Revue will consist of a number of short sketches, songs and dances that focus on satire, topical issues and above all, comedy.

The theme of this year’s Main Revue is Pandora: 9 Out of 10 Gods Hate Her. For CRAP’s current President and Director Kerim Col and co-Director Eleni Carydis, nothing is a better fit for a post-COVID revue production than the myth of Pandora’s Box.

Eleni Carydis says: “I feel like over the last year everyone had a moment there where, ‘If you don’t laugh, you’d cry’ was the main coping message and so Kerim and I decided to laugh – and better yet, try and get people along for the ride.”

The show consists of a cast of 22 comedic university students, providing social commentary and a much-needed dose of humour.

Kerim Col says: “The thought of bombing a joke, forgetting a dance move or singing in public is terrifying to most – so to work past these fears in such a dizzying time takes guts. It’s been such a privilege to nurture and reward the bravery of the cast and crew.”

“It means the world to me that at the end of the day, we get to point to this show and say ‘that’s ours, that’s us.’”

The show consists of a number of sketches, anywhere from political satire to interpretive dance, as well as a series of songs and video sketches.

The UTS 2021 Main Revue Pandora: 9 Out of 10 Gods Hate Her! Will be performed at the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre from April 28-May 1.

Tickets are on sale from March 29 and can be found at

For more information, head to the UTS Comedy, Revue & Performance Society Facebook page. All proceeds from the show will directly help shape and support the upcoming POC Revue in August 2021.