In a world of mass production, there are many of us who want to add a personal touch to our hobbies, passions and possessions. When it comes to fishing, Matt Clark of Clark’s Custom Rods is your guy.

Years ago, fishing shops would provide custom rods, with individuals going into the back room of a tackle shop where an owner would lovingly make fishing rods for enthusiasts to buy. Nowadays, many tackle shops have died, consequently meaning that the craft has also died out.

Many anglers, like Matt Clark, have a passion for fishing and craftsmanship that has brought them to making and selling custom fishing rods on the side.

Clark says: “If you go to Anaconda or something you can buy a fishing rod for $50 and to just buy the parts, as a small-time maker, it costs $200. The difference is that the $50 one will be made from low quality parts and mass produced in a factory by someone who doesn’t care about the quality.”

“I make rods because I enjoy doing it and want to make something that won’t let you down. It’s made to the highest standard and can be passed on through generations.”

A Clark’s Custom Rod being built.

Matt has always had an enthusiasm for craftsmanship. “I used to do a lot of art when I was younger, but I can never find the time for it anymore and I don’t like doing something without a purpose,” he says.

“I thought if I make a fishing rod, I get to use it, instead of it just sitting somewhere not doing anything. But I can only make so many without my partner getting mad at me, so I thought I’d try and sell them, that way I still get to create them.”

Fishing rods, whether store bought, or custom made in Australia lack variety, and are generally quite traditional. Clarks Custom Rods presents a breath of fresh air in this department.

Matt says: “Everyone has the same fishing rod, with a bit of gold or black or silver, it’s just a bit boring.”

Matt prides himself on providing colourful rods that are one of a kind, never making the same design twice.

With his colourful fishing rods Matt hopes to: “Bring the city, a bit of Surry Hills into fishing.”

Clarks Custom Rods can be purchased online through Instagram, by contacting @clarks_custom_rods

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