Noraville Green has opened in Darlinghurst. Enter through the Chisholm Street back alley to find the lush terrace jungle of hand-picked plants.

Tanya Baker and Bobby Hamilton have always been plant people, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the couple turned their green hobby into a business.

“When we no longer had to rely on any other income, that’s when we became full time plant people,” said Tanya.

Tanya’s background is in fine art and photography and Bobby had an inner-city removalist business before the pair packed up and moved north to the Central Coast.

“I think what started it was when we were selling our apartment, we didn’t have enough money for styling. We ended up buying lots of plants instead.”

The flagship Noraville Green store is in Toukley, the town neighbouring Noraville in the Central Coast. There you’ll find the large greenhouse which Tanya and Bobby converted from an old mechanics warehouse.

Now Noraville Green is open in Darlinghurst too. Tanya has tried to replicate the treasure trove of the Toukley greenhouse in their terrace courtyard.

“Our range makes us unique, specifically our house and tropical plants. We try to keep the plants back in the greenhouse so we can provide a bigger, healthier plant. That way when someone takes it home there’s less chance of it dying.”

The Noraville Green team members hand pick their plants from nurseries twice a week and are there in store to make sure you choose the plants best suited to your space.

“I just love watching plants grow. They change and they die, and sometimes they surprise you and grow really big and beautiful.”

“It’s a very joyful business to be in. Customers walk out happy and it’s nice to be able to provide that service.”

Noraville Green

62 Flinders St, Darlinghurst (enter via Chisholm Street)

Instagram: @noravillegreen