Launched in December 2019, at the height of bushfires which then segue-wayed into a pandemic, Kerryl Bullen thought there would never be the right time for her to push her Ever by X fashion brand.

“Then I read a quote: ‘Use this time to reinvent what you do. Bring customers new alternatives, new values and in the process reinvent your own brand. Don’t let innovation stop as this could be your window of opportunity,’” says Bullen.

From that moment, she stopped feeling unsure about pushing her new business and, “started making the dress and found a community of Australians (in particular women) that were passionate about seeking out quality brands that were Australian made.”

Ever by X is a family owned luxury, slow fashion brand from Redfern that aims to produce its garments sustainably and ethically.

The brand offers a versatile dress which offers busy people a quick fix to wardrobe meltdowns. The One Dress project is an adaptable dress that changes through life phase, shape and style.

Mother of twins and small business owner, Bullen saw a need for quality and stylish clothes appropriate to the demands of a busy life.

“By simplifying your wardrobe with one dress, you’ll gain ‘me’ time for the long game while looking and feeling incredible,” she says.

Bullen appreciates how the community spirit of Redfern has helped her promote and market her business through the Facebook page, Keep Your Local Alive, which seeks to enable local businesses to communicate with the local community, and for businesses to be recommended by local residents.

Keep Your Local Alive is as an online extension of the local community’s values, where the importance of supporting local businesses is emphasized along with the camaraderie amongst residents.

The ability to promote her page through the platform enabled Bullen to grow her new business, as well as receive support and word of mouth from customers.

“It was a great local awareness raiser,” she says.

“We feel like we live in a diverse community of like minded people with similar values – we all love and appreciate living here.“