ACME Framing was founded over fifty years ago by 1960s pop artist Martin Sharpe’s picture framer, Fern Lindsay.

Geoff Bracken had been working at ACME for three years when he took ownership in 2000.

Over the past 23 years, Geoff and his team have built Acme into a trusted Surry Hills institution known for their high quality and creativity in each unique project.

COVID-19 disruptions have seen the business build an even closer connection to their community as locals choose to frame more personal and intimate items during the lockdown period.

Bracken says that with everyone at home, people are “discovering a lot of wonderful hidden treasures to frame.”


“We’ve framed an amazing array of items over the years, from kids’ drawings to an autographed toilet seat signed by infamous American film maker John Waters,” says Bracken.

Acme have also framed numerous prints by famous street artist Banksy including recent work on a signed and numbered edition of his iconic 2005 “Flower Thrower” mural in Jerusalem.

The Acme team is comprised of a close knit and dedicated collection of professional, artists, photographers, designers and master framers who together possess over 80 years of framing experience.

The pandemic has seen the home renovation and interior design industries flourish, as isolation has pushed people to de-clutter, redecorate and refresh their home and work environments.

“Getting those family photos and memorabilia out of storage, having them framed in a really nice way and getting them up on your walls is a great way of honouring and celebrating the people close to us,” says Bracken.

“Over the years we’ve created some wonderful framed collections for our clients, that bring together old family photos and heirlooms into a single frame. We also offer a photo re-printing and re-touching service, so it’s possible to share framed re-prints of these photos with other members of your extended family.

“It’s a lovely way for families to connect across generations.”