The century-old artists’ haunt Hibernian House has a new tenant. The Yoga Factory has moved into one of the studio spaces, and as co-owner Liza told Urban Village, it couldn’t feel more like home.

Originally founded by Mick Barnes thirteen years ago, The Yoga Factory encourages individuality and non-conformity to the yoga establishment, or “the scene,” as Liza described it.

“Our teachers are genuinely passionate about what they are doing. They’re not interested in creating Instagram yoga personas out of themselves. Rather, they want to contribute a small part of themselves to help others,” Liza said.

In the spirit of anti-establishment, Hibernian House was the natural choice for the Yoga Factory expansion.

“With its catacomb-like graffiti stained walls and its secrets we immediately thought ‘this is us.’ It represents our ideology and point of difference to what yoga’s become these days,” Liza said.

Founder Mick Barnes first became acquainted with yoga practise after a boxing injury. Through addiction and an abusive family upbringing, he cites yoga as his saviour.

He’s spent the last 20 years travelling and perfecting his practise, free from the authoritarianism and dogma that Mick feels dominates much of the yoga industry currently.

Offering a range of classes for all experience levels, the aim of The Yoga Factory is to encourage those with reservations about yoga to give it a try.

“I suppose what we do is a bit of a ‘fuck you’ to the mainstream yoga establishment and what the whole scene has become,” said Mick.

“We actually feel very chuffed to say to people: ‘Hey, you fit right in here, exactly as you are.’”

The Yoga Factory is offering new clients a $60 intro pass for the first two weeks. Visit for more info.