Love Local was started by Sydney restaurant owner Hamilton Kings as Covid-19 social restrictions effectively shattered his then dine-in only Potts Point restaurant Honkas (Bar + Eats).

Launched in the midst of the pandemic with just three restaurants, the ordering platform grew quickly, expanding its reach and adding new food and drink partners.

It now includes 20 food and drinks partners and delivers in Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Woolloomooloo.

Food and drink partners include Pizza Autentico, Honkas (Bar + Eats), Melo’s Italian, Et Al, The Roosevelt and Penny’s Cheese Shop.

Love Local has been a hit with restaurants and customers alike. “We experienced immediate growth, rapidly expanding the number of partners using the platform and our delivery zones” said Kings.

Self interest may have driven the realisation of the need to pivot his business, but Kings says his local platform is also a win for the Sydney food scene and local community.

“When I realised I needed to pivot my business, starting a delivery platform seemed the best way to keep my business afloat and retain my staff during the downturn. Being able to help other businesses stay afloat during the pandemic and beyond made the decision to start Love Local that little bit sweeter. It’s a win win” said Kings.

One restaurant which has been on the platform since it started is Melo’s Italian. “Joining Love Local was the easiest of decisions and one that’s already paying off. We love being part of Love Local and look forward to the platform continuing to grow and deliver our food to more people” said Michael Bradley of Melo’s.

Love Local charges just 12% commission, including GST, about half as much as the big delivery players. “We are returning more money to restaurants, amplifying pressure on the big players to lower their fees, and helping businesses survive Covid-19 social distancing” said Kings.

Love Local is a website-based ordering service at