It’s been a tough few months. But as June wears on we’re seeing more semblances of normality return each day. The latest of our neighbourhood’s beloved venues to reopen is Giant Dwarf, whose Cleveland Street theatre is once again hosting the legendary Giant Comedy night, every Thursday evening starting from 2nd July.

To comply with Covid-19 restrictions, there will only be 30 tickets available for each show. At Giant Comedy night there will be two shows featuring a line-up of different and equally hilarious comedians, one starting at 6:30pm and the later show at 8pm.

Opening night’s shows will feature Suren Jaymanne, Bec Melrose, Ben Kochan and Nina Oyama in the early show, and the late show will feature Alia Levore, Concetta Caristo, Aaron Chen and Sam Campbell.

Giant Dwarf has said that their other favourites Queerstories, Burlesque, Magic and Music shows are not far behind Giant Comedy, returning to the stage soon.

Tickets are priced at $40 and that will get you a seat in the theatre as well as two drinks of your choice from the bar. It’s been a long time between shows, and opening night is sure to sell out so head to the website to secure your spot.