Review by Grace Harris-Gailbraith

The Sound is a delightful melding of mystery, science fiction and fantasy. Our endearing characters Sing and Oggi get right into unravelling a series of the peculiar events occurring in Woop Woop. This is the Australian fantasy adventure we have been waiting for. The narrative voice is distinct and engaging, which makes the silliness of Frogbottom accessible to a wide range of ages. The creative passion in this book is obvious in the vibrancy of the world. It takes some risks with some footnotes that at first are a little jarring, but as you read on it definitely grows on you and becomes an integrated part of the experience.

This book is refreshingly light-hearted and has some of the flair for science fiction that is so loved in the books of Neil Gaiman. It has The Secret Garden’s enigma and intrigue, and the childlike wonder of discovering a whole new world that is so beloved in books like Harry Potter. Ultimately though, it is its own creature.

It offers up some fresh blood for Australian Fantasy and will leave you with a distinct impression of the world and of the author, S.R. Győry. The most engaging element of the story is its mystery and intrigue. The reader’s own eagerness to discover the inner workings of the story is reflected in the characters Sing and Oggi. They set upon unravelling the layered secrets, showing themselves to be courageous and intensely loyal. Amongst a bizarre and otherworldly setting, you’re rooting for Sing and Oggi, a couple of kids that could have grown up in any Aussie neighbourhood. They just want to make sense of things.

It is a pursuit of truth amongst a lot of confusion, and that is a pretty timelessly relatable desire. It’s fantastic to see such high calibre creative work from a Surry Hills local. If you like adventure, mystery and a healthy dose of quirk, you’ll love this book.

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