Occult doom band HEVĒ made a spectacular debut at Kings Cross nightclub Bada Bing recently in an event titled “Take Back the Cross”.

Sniffer dogs and cops trudged the wasteland of Kings Cross on Saturday night while rebellion raged and revolution seethed.

Long awaited sold out launch of occult doom band HEVĒ, lust child of front woman Ariel Sexton (aka Loveariel aka Satariel, previously of “Firesaint”, queen of Hibernian House) brought Sydney to its bruised knees.

In glutinous Weimar Berlin style “HEVĒ take back the cross”, took it, licked it, chewed it and spat it out all over the X’s grungiest patrons. Notorious Kings Cross night spot Bada Bing, generously facilitated in scarlet light as HEVĒ showcased eight months’ worth of blood, sweat and tears.

Entree saw Rosie Rivette, Dalia Blue and Daniel Valdez, with tantalising burlesque, tantric strip and blood play preparing the club for the sensual onslaught that was HEVĒ.

Heralding the gory re-birth of Sydney goth chic was Rick Burke (Comacozer) semi-clothed on guitar, driving the audience wild for the 45 minute sweat fest with tangy fuzz, crunching solo’s and tumbling sludge re-verb.

Photo by Vladimir Cherepanoff.

Fresh blood Lauren “Lola” McAuliffe on bass chased desolate grooves down the rabbit hole in a leopard print bikini and man crushing boots. Splicing sex kitten vibes with Kali the destroyer whist simultaneously fending off drooling handsy punters, mercilessly guiding us to the edge of the void.

Aemon “Moose” Webb (Nhomea) brooding, shirtless and sulky on drums, held it together oscillating between knee quivering fills and drugged out crashing waves. The demonic melodies of Loveariel’s haunting vocals slicing through with practiced and well timed destruction.

Numbers like “Satan Song” were balanced out with long instrumental doom schisms, feeding us new rebel anthems that tasted like early Black Sabbath, filling a hole in Sydney’s anorexic night life.

The four piece played a tight set of apocalyptic doom and soon to be classic songs, cementing their place as the most exciting thing to hit the scene since the cataclysmic lock out laws shattered our hopes and dreams of living in a city where anything remotely interesting happens.

Photo by Vladimir Cherepanoff.

The slow tempo thrusts of the drums combined with spine tingling walls of sound lay a solid ground for Loveariel to do what she does best. Exposing her heart, soul and body to us after a 6 year hiatus.

Sexton left the club in no doubt of her status as High Priestess of the satanic underground. Gyrating and stripping her way through the set in bondage gear and angel wings left tongues hanging and demonic libido flying. Mystic laments of fallen angels, vice and virtue ringing through the packed club, reverb whiplashing off mirrored walls and naked flesh.

Stars on the rise, HEVĒ came and conquered with such fiery style and carnal ease that their upcoming Sydney shows are not to be missed.

Sydney home tour dates:

  • 22nd September – BADA BING strip club for HEVĒ take back Kings Cross pt2
  • 29th September- Lansdowne for House of the Holy
  • 13th October -BADA BING strip club for HEVĒ take back Kings Cross pt 3
  • 19th October – Botany view hotel supporting OGATR.
  • 26th October- theShadowLodge Halloween party.
  • 3rd November- Servo Food Truck Bar, Port Kembla supporting Night Goat
  • 10th November – BADA BING strip club for HEVĒ take back Kings cross pt 4 (end of residency)
  • 1st December- Frankie’s