The old Victorian building, on the corner of Pitt and Redfern streets, used to be the local convenience before it was reincarnated into a café. Owners Belle Clarke and Pej Zidei began trade on the corner in February of this year as Bean and Berry, and became Hunter’s Corner in May.

Belle and Pej live just thirty seconds away from Hunter’s Corner. Cafés have been part of the couple’s lives for decades. They met at one in Newtown and have owned and worked in cafes around Sydney for the past twenty years.

While the definition of “locally sourced” can be cloudy at times, Hunter’s Corner get all their fresh produce from local legend Mickey’s Fruit and Veg across the road, and endeavour to make as much as they can from scratch.

The café runs regular coffee tastings and workshops including a free fitness session, run by a local customer and PT, every Friday afternoon at Redfern Park.

“Inside you’ll find stuff from vintage shops in England, family hand-me-downs from my mum and grandmother, stuff from Mexico, Vanuatu, the Philippines and Japan,” explains self-proclaimed collectomaniac Belle.

The building’s old world character speaks through the narrow corridors, exposed pipes and bumpy walls. It feels well worn and familiar, perhaps owing to the truly genuine staff, the peppering of homely trinkets and native flora and the airy, natural light that seems to fill the place from the inside out.

The café is the home of Sydney artist Scott Marsh’s mural, which depicts Tony Abbott marrying himself. The pro same-sex marriage statement has been met with resounding support from café goers and passers-by.

“We’ve had people come and get engaged in front of it and take wedding photos next to it. We’re all about inclusivity and we’re very proud to wear such a beautiful and important art work.”

Sadly, in the wake of the triumphant Yes vote, an outbreak of mural defacing has occurred around Sydney. Scott Marsh’s newest mural on the Botany View Hotel in Newtown has been defaced, as well as the mural of much-loved icon George Michael in Erskenville.

The mural at Hunter’s Corner remains untouched by the defacers – let’s hope it stays that way.