David King and Clint Christie have known each other since preschool. In the thirty years they’ve known each other they have built careers in construction and are now the brains behind Ideal Space serviced offices.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had an argument,” says David, “We’re both totally different and have very different roles within the business.”

Ideal Space offers fully serviced private and open plan workspaces for a range of clients, from entrepreneurs to small businesses and professional services. The office spaces are important places for creative collaboration and innovation, reflected by the highly functional and design oriented fit-outs.

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David is passionate about customer service and creating the most successful office experience for his clients. Clint loves the building aspect and gets excited by the potential of new spaces.

“We regularly amend our office fit-outs to suit the client,” explains David, “a lot of working serviced offices don’t change, but we see the space as the clients’ office. If they want to put a wall up, hang artwork or a whiteboard, we’ll do that. A big part of our focus is making sure everyone’s got what they need.”

Ideal Space have offices all over Sydney, in Goulburn Street in the CBD, Danks Street in Waterloo, Riley and Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills and another office in development in Kings Cross. They approach each office space a little differently, depending on the needs of the tenants and the influence of each area of Sydney.

“Each space is different. Riley Street is different to, say, Elizabeth Street, which is a bit more corporate. Our clients range from those in professional services to designers, photographers and tech start up types, and our fit outs and locations reflect that,” says David.

Ideal Space runs regular networking events and is in the process of creating an online forum so tenants can engage with each other and build business relationships within the Ideal Space community. There are nearly four hundred individuals across their office locations, with that number set to grow.

“Building a community within our spaces is really important,” says David, “when our clients walk through the door we want it to be about more than just coming to work.”

David and Clint have plans to build an in-office licensed café into their Riley Street space, as well as fitness classes and opportunities for businesses to showcase themselves to the Ideal Space community, giving everyone a chance to work with each other.

“Our goal is to grow the business through helping all our tenants succeed through any challenge,” says David, “I think that’s what excites us the most.”