East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (ESCAC) is a new 2-storey building on the corner of Burton and Palmer Streets in Darlinghurst.

Formerly known as Heffron Hall, the City of Sydney has rebuilt the site as a rehearsal studio and performance space for local artists.

East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (ESCAC) is managed by Brand X, who have been making space for Artists in Sydney since 2005. They work with Developers and Local Councils to transform empty spaces into cultural destinations. Their work includes FraserStudios and L3 Central on the site of the old Kent Brewery in Chippendale and the TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards.

Brand X have recently launched The Flying Nun program which showcases performance outcomes from creative residencies at ESCAC. This is an opportunity for the public to be the first audience to witness new work fresh out of the rehearsal room. The program celebrates the fringe, alternative and contemporary counter-culture of Sydney.

The Flying Nun program gives artists an affordable stage in which to share their new creative ideas with an audience, while providing the residents of East Sydney with a venue that invites the public to witness a new idea being brought to life.

Performances include the ultimate avant-garde variety show curated by Jay Katz and Miss Death called “The Experiment”, a surreal image and sound-based version of Alice in Wonderland called “No Wonderland” and Christa Hughes new children’s show “The World According to Farts and Other Extraordinary Sounds of the Human Body”.

The Flying Nun is Brand X’s homage to the work of Sister Carol Pedersen who established the D4 Darlinghurst program at Heffron Hall from 1978-1986. Her self-help activities have been honoured in the service Brand X gives to the arts in Sydney.

Find the full program of events at brandx.org.au


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